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Booking Information:

Please ring Kirsten on 01872 276782 or use the contact us button to enquire about a visit. We prefer at least two weeks notice. The crypt may also be booked for eating packed lunches.

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Health & Safety:

Guidance notes to help you fill out your risk assessment form are available here. All staff in the learning department have been CRB checked. We will notify you of any exceptions.
Teachers are responsible for the behaviour of pupils throughout their visit and are encouraged to remind children that the Cathedral is an active place of worship were people visit for quiet contemplation and prayer.

Day to Day

Learning Experiences at Truro Cathedral

Our Learning Experiences are specifically designed for children and young people. We make use of props & costumes, investigation, reflective activities and role play. Activities can be tailored to your specific requirements. Give the Learning Team a ring on 01872 276782 to discuss your needs.

All our learning experiences are priced as below. Groups paying for guided activities may book our Choir Vestry for use as a lunch space at no extra charge.

Price per head (max 35 students per group)
1 hr guided activity - £2 a head
2 hr guided activity - £3 a head
2 hr guided activity with crafts - £3.50 a head

Tell us that you are planning a visit!
The Cathedral is an active place of worship. Therefore it is important that you tell us you are coming. While we recommend that visiting school groups make use of our learning offer, self-led groups may be accommodated. Please contact the Learning Team on 01872 276782 to book in – even if you haven’t got time for a tour.

Truro Cathedral Learning

Key Stage 1

1 hr guided activities

    • Riff-Raff’s Special Place/Easter/Christmas story tour
    • Special People at Truro Cathedral (role of a Chorister, Canon & Bishop, symbolism of vestments)
    • Worship at Truro Cathedral (prayer, use of the Bible, music in worship)

Two of the above may be booked to run consecutively as a 2 hr guided activity

2 hr guided activities with crafts

    • Riff-Raff’s Special Place/Easter/Christmas workshop
    • Riff-Raff’s Materials Challenge

Key Stage 2

1 hr guided activities

    • Guided Tour of Cathedral (brief history, parts of a Church building) please mention any specific topic to be included at time of booking
    • Easter/Christmas story tour

2 hr guided activities

    • Truro Cathedral is a Special Place workshop (special roles, worship & symbolism, parts of a Church building)
    • Whose is the Head in the Box? workshop (The Foundation of the Diocese of Truro and importance of the Cathedral for many people)

2 hr guided activities with crafts

    • Experience Christmas/Easter workshop

Key Stage 3 & 4

1 hr guided activities

    • Guided Tour of Cathedral (brief history, architecture, key features)
    • Worship and Symbolism at Truro Cathedral

Additionally, we can accommodate up to 120 students at a time for tailored carousel style workshops covering a range of topics. Please contact the Learning Team if you wish to arrange a large group visit.


Higher and Further Education

1 hr guided activities

    • Guided Tour of Cathedral (brief history, architecture, key features)
    • Gothic Revival Tour of Cathedral (with focus on specific features of the Gothic Revival Style)

We are very open to collaborating on external project briefs in subjects ranging from history to the arts. Please contact the Learning Team to discuss how we can work together.


If you are interested in volunteering with the education department, please download a volunteer pack on the website home page for more information about the available roles.

Informal Learning opportunities at Truro Cathedral

The Cathedral has developed a number of free children's trails for families to use while visiting us. We also offer free brass rubbing and basic craft activities during school holidays.

Trails & Spotter Guides

Riff Raff's Spotter Guide

Noah's Ark Challenge

Riff Raff's Christmas Spotter Guide

St Piran Trail


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