Day to Day

Behind the scenes

The Cathedral is an incredibly busy organisation with a variety of Services, Concerts, Meetings, Lectures, Visits etc taking place. In order for these activities to occur there is a lot of preparation that goes on behind the scenes. This 'day in the life of the Cathedral' gives you a flavour of our busy community in all its variety.

Receiving Communion

Dawn Till Dusk

This film captures the beauty of Cornish light. It includes breathtaking scenes of Truro Cathedral and of the county that inspired its creation.

Solomon Browne: Penlee Lifeboats, Past & Present

This film has been inspired by the Penlee memorial at Truro Cathedral.It has been made as a tribute to the crew of the Solomon Browne. Featuring Seth Lakeman.


A film about how Truro Cathedral has inspired artists and musicians.

Inspire Sound Bites: Paul Martin

Flog It! presenter Paul Martin describes how Truro Cathedral has inspired him.

The Bells of Truro Cathedral

The Master of the Ringers at Truro Cathedral offers us an insight in to the world of bell ringing.