Truro Cathedral Music

We welcome people of all faiths and none to our services. Our worship is mostly in a traditional style that can be deeply moving in our great building. Our musical resources complement that style and are mostly centred on classical music.

For details of July services, click here.

For details of August services, click here.

We occasionally webcast our services. For our latest webcast, click here

For details of the 2016 recital series on our celebrated Father Willis organ, click here

To find out more about Truro Cathedral Choir, our flagship choir which sings at six services each week during term time, click here.

Click here for details our Cathedral Choir Girl Choristerships. The only vacancies left are for girls in year 11 at school (ie going into lower sixth form in September 2015).

LATEST NEWS: Girls invited to 'Be A Chorister for A Day' on 10th November 2015 - find out more.

Click here for details of our Cathedral Choir Boy Choristerships. The next vacancies are for September 2016, for boys currently in year 2 at school (ie going into year 4 in September 2016). This pdf will be considerably revised in the coming months.

Click here for details of our Choral Scholarships for altos, tenors and basses. There are no vacancies for September 2015 and this pdf will be revised slightly before recruitment for September 2016 entry begins in September 2015.



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