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Make a pledge, or ten

If you would like to take some practical steps towards making a difference then tick as many as the top ten pledges below as you think you can achieve.

Pledge One

I pledge to ring my electricity supplier over the next 24 hours and see if I can switch to green energy (if not I will find one)!

Pledge Two

I pledge to buy local seasonal produce as much as possible – starting with at least 2 meals a week

Pledge Three

I pledge to educate myself about the science and impacts of climate change starting with reading Climate Vision's article “Climate Change”

Pledge Four

I pledge to contact my MP and my friends and make these pledges too

Pledge Five

I have pledged to walk, cycle, use public transport or register with 08700 111199 to travel to work or regular journey at least once a week.

Pledge Six

I have worked out my own carbon footprint using one of the many easy to use carbon calculators eg,

Pledge Seven

I pledge to do a ‘home energy check’ to find out how I can save energy in my home. Click here to follow steps. (If you don't have internet, ask the Energy Saving Trust on 0800 512 012)

Pledge Eight

I pledge to turn my thermostat down or use a thermometer to reach the lowest comfortable temperature, typically between 18-21°C & think about putting on a jumper instead.

Pledge Nine

I have pledged to reduce my holiday air miles by 50%.

Pledge Ten

I pledge to research ‘Driving in a greener way’ by google/research or by ringing up a driving instructor and booking a lesson to learn eco-drive ideas.










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