Spirit of Christmas

Give a helping had this Christmas

Can’t find what your looking for?

It’s not always easy to find exactly how you can help at Christmas.

Look out your window…

Look at your own neighbourhood or community. Who needs help? Who is going to be lonely and isolated this Christmas?

If you can answer these questions then you’re half way to doing something positive for your community this Christmas.

To help you with some ideas, here are some events and activities going on around Cornwall this Christmas.


  • Organise a Christmas Day lunch for those who will be alone.


  • Invite a neighbour for Christmas Day lunch (or a meal over the Christmas holiday period)
  • Look in on elderly neighbours over Christmas, see if they need any help with shopping etc

…and find what you’re looking for!


Cornwall Centre for Volunteers

There are six local centres for volunteers in Cornwall. One for each of the six District Council areas.

By contacting your local Centre for Volunteers you will be able to find out what local volunteer opportunities exist in your area and how you can give them a helping hand this Christmas. They act as a clearing house for volunteer opportunities for local charities, groups and organisations.

Perhaps what is less well known is that they also act as a ‘reservoir of volunteers’, which local community groups can call upon. Why not give your local Volunteer Centre a call today and see how you can make a difference this Christmas.

Penwith Tel: 01736 330988
Kerrier Tel: 01209 217614
Carrick Tel: 01872 260110
Restormel Tel: 01726 71087
Caradon Tel: 01579 344818
North Cornwall Tel: 01208 79565

Or visit the CCFV website at