Special Evensong Service - Dedication of the Finn Cross

16:00 - Evensong for The Dedication of the Finn Cross.  Michael Finn was a painter, sculptor and teacher who also served as a fighter pilot in the Second World War.  Additionally, he was a practising Christian and all these attributes combined to create, especially in the latter years of his life, artistic expression that was borne of front-line experience as well as a desire to see his art as a questing, searching exploration of the truth of God in the world. After his death, we were truly honoured to receive a bronze cross which Michael Finn sculpted in those years, and at this special evensong service, where the cross will be dedicated, and displayed in St Monica's Chapel.  

The cross stands about eighteen inches high but contains a beauty, a power and mystery that defies any sense of scale.  The date of the dedication is particularly poignant being also the Battle of Britain weekend, as well as falling the year of the 100th anniversary of the RAF. 

All are warmly invited to be part of this special service.