Leave a Legacy

Remembering Truro Cathedral in your Will

Truro Cathedral has benefitted greatly since its foundation from people who have generously left a gift in their Will.

Including a charitable gift in your Will – large or small - is one of the most significant ways you can make a lasting difference to the cathedral.

Why your support is needed

Legacies, large or small, are vital to the future. Without them, many aspects of the cathedral’s daily life, from major restoration works to development projects which enhance people’s enjoyment of the cathedral, would not be possible.

Gifts for general use are always hugely appreciated, because they can be spent where the need is greatest at the time. Alternatively, you could express a wish that your gift is used for a purpose like cathedral music, buildings, pastoral care or mission. Together, these make Truro Cathedral special.

We are truly grateful for every gift, and each legacy is wisely and carefully spent.

How to include Truro Cathedral in your Will

Your solicitor/will-writer can provide guidance about making your Will, and it is always best to seek professional advice.

The two most popular ways to leave a gift in a Will are

A share of your estate

Once you have taken care of your loved ones, the remainder of your estate is known as the residue, from which you can choose to leave a share to charity. Even a small percentage of your estate could make a huge difference to the cathedral in the future.

A cash gift

This is when you leave a specific amount of money to charity. Inflation reduces the value of cash gifts over the years, so you might want to revise them from time to time.

Your solicitor/will-writer will need these details when including a charitable gift to Truro Cathedral in your Will:

Name: Truro Cathedral

Address: Cathedral Offices, Old Cathedral School, Cathedral Close, Truro, TR1 2FQ

Your solicitor/will-writer might also ask for our HMRC charity reference number: X7943

It is also easy to change your existing Will to include a gift to Truro Cathedral. Your solicitor/will-writer can advise you.