Roof Appeal

Truro Cathedral is a self-funded organisation and does not receive regular government or Church of England support – this means that the cathedral not only has to raise all funds needed to maintain and run the cathedral on a day-to-day basis, but also raise funds to cover all repair and restoration work. 
The original cathedral roof has been in place since it was slated around 130 years ago. It is now in urgent need of repair. It will cost £3.2 million to replace the 60,000 slates and preserve the cathedral for future generations.  You can read more about the physical work that has already been completed, together with the work still to do on the Restoration section of the website. 

How to help

You can help by making a donation via the Truro Cathedral JustGiving page today or taking part in the Sign-A-Slate campaign (see below).

Fundraising for the roof continues as we work towards the final 3rd stage of essential repairs. This has been delayed due to the challenges of the pandemic and other urgent priorities and the JustGiving page specifically for the roof appeal is not live at this time.  Any donation given to the cathedral given via its general fund can then be used where it is needed most, primarily to support its life and work during the post-pandemic recovery including the roof.  Thank you for your kind support.

What is Sign-A-Slate?

Sign-A-Slate is a special and unique opportunity for you to leave a personal and lasting message within this special building. By signing your name or writing a message on the back of one of the new slates being used on the roof.  And, making a donation alongside your participation is a great way for you to support the Roof Appeal too! Whether you want to sign your name, draw a picture, mark a special occasion or remember a loved one, your message will be a lasting legacy. Everyone is welcome to participate in Sign-A-Slate. Donations to support the roof appeal are not compulsory but are greatly appreciated. 

Sign-A-Slate participants have so far contributed over £250,000, often giving smaller donations when sharing a slate and larger donations when writing on a whole slate.  And, thanks to many supporters choosing to Gift Aid their donation, we've claimed an additional £50,000. This support has enabled us to re-slate the western arm of the nave, the south aisle western arm, the Baptistry and south-west porch.

How to participate in Sign-A-Slate

Please by aware that the Slate Station in the cathedral is currently closed but you can participate online.  Just complete this Sign-A-Slate form and write your message which will be scribed onto a slate for you. Then simply send your form to the address below along with any donation that you may wish to make:

Roof Appeal
Old Cathedral School
Cathedral Close

Thank you for your support