Cathedral Restaurant reopening

A slice of cake and a cup of tea

Information update 28 October

For the latest guidance please view or download our current safety rules for the restaurant.

Information update 23 August

Due to the current challenges faced as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the restaurant is reducing its menu and will no longer offer hot food cooked to order.  The new menu will now offer a range of coffee teas and sandwiches along with a selection of delicious cakes. There is plenty of room to socially distance so do please come and enjoy a refreshment during your visit to the cathedral.


The restaurant will be open Monday – Saturday from 10:00-14:30. The restaurant will be closed on Sundays.

Information update 29 July

Please be aware that face coverings are mandatory in all areas of the cathedral, including the restaurant before you are seated at your table. They are mainly intended to protect other people, not the wearer, from coronavirus COVID-19 and they are not a replacement for social distancing and regular hand washing.

The cathedral team is happy to confirm that its restaurant will reopen on Monday 20 July.  To ensure the safety of staff, volunteers and visitors a number of changes are being implemented and you can read about these in full below.

For general guidance on visiting the cathedral please also check the news page.

The team thanks everyone who plans to visit for familiarising themselves in advance with the new rules and processes and look forward to welcoming you.


The restaurant will be open Monday – Saturday from 10:00-14:30. The restaurant will be closed on Sundays.


Currently it is not possible to reserve or book a table. This may be reviewed in the future.


The restaurant has maximum capacity of 45 and can accommodate customers on tables of 2, 3, 4 and 6.


Entrance to the restaurant is via the main entrance to the cathedral only – please note the Chapter House doors and steps remain closed at this time. Restaurant visitors should therefore familiarise with the general cathedral visiting processes too. For visitors who require ramp access please go to the West Doors where a steward will arrange for access via the ramp outside the cathedral shop.

A queuing system will be in place outside the doors into the restaurant, marked by tape on the floor. Please do not move forward in the queue until the people in front are at their next marker point.

Once inside the restaurant, tape on the floor will indicate walkway routes to follow.

Exit from the restaurant will be via the fire exit steps at the rear of the restaurant, leading onto Cathedral Green. Customers requiring level exit from the restaurant will leave via the double door entrance to the restaurant and back through the cathedral.


Hand sanitiser will be provided on entry to the cathedral (in the Narthex) and again on entry to the restaurant at the point customers reach the doors of the restaurant. All entering the cathedral and restaurant will be required to apply hand sanitiser at both points to ensure appropriate hygiene.


In line with government requirements for the hospitality industry, all restaurant customers must provide their name, address and phone number for NHS Test and Trace purposes.

Once you are in the doors of the restaurant and after you have used the hand sanitiser, all members of your group must complete one of the Test and Trace forms and place it in the box provided. As this is a legal requirement, failure to complete one of these forms will result in refused entry.

The information gathered for NHS Test and Trace will be used for this purpose only and held securely for the minimum government requirement of 21 days before being securely destroyed.


An enhanced cleaning regime is in place across all aspects of the cathedral, including the restaurant. All tables have been stripped of linen and tables and chairs will be fully cleaned after each use. New fully waterproof menus are in use to enable these to be fully cleaned after each use too.


A reduced menu is currently being offered of soup of the day, freshly filled sandwiches and a selection of cakes. There will be one special per day – this will be written on the blackboard behind the counter and the staff welcoming you will also tell you what this is.


The restaurant is table-service only. You will be shown to your seat(s) upon arrival by a member of the restaurant team, who will be wearing PPE at all times.


Please always adhere to social distancing guidelines with staff and other customers.


Wherever possible, please pay by card. The team understand this may not always be possible and has a process in place to deal with cash safely.

A Perspex screen has been installed at the till payment point. If paying for a whole group, only one member of the group should approach the till point. If paying individually within a group, please approach the till point one at a time, with other members of the group remaining seated.


The toilets will be fully re-open and cleaned hourly. Queuing and access to the toilets will be managed by a dedicated steward. Toilets can be used by one person at a time (unless that person must be accompanied by a Carer). The main entrance doors to the toilets will remain propped open at all times. Liquid hand soap and paper towels will be available for use. Please note the urinals and not all stalls will be open.

We ask anyone who has symptoms associated with Covid-19 or has been around someone who has symptoms associated with Covid-19 not to visit any part of the cathedral until fully recovered and to have observed the appropriate government isolation period. Anyone displaying symptoms will be asked to leave.