Cathedral Shop reopening

Inside Truro Cathedral Shop

Information update 28 October

For the latest guidance please view or download our current safety rules for the shop.

The cathedral team is happy to confirm that its shop will reopen on Monday 20 July.  To ensure the safety of staff, volunteers and visitors a number of changes are being implemented and you can read about these in full below.

For general guidance on visiting the cathedral please also check the news page.

The team thanks everyone who plans to visit for familiarising themselves in advance with the new rules and processes and look forward to welcoming you.


The shop will be open Monday – Saturday from 10:00-15:00. The shop will be closed on Sundays.


Entrance to the shop is via the main entrance to the cathedral only – please note the shop entrance remains closed at this time, unless required for ramp access. Shop visitors should therefore familiarise themselves with the general cathedral visiting processes too. For visitors who require ramp access please go to the West Doors where a steward will arrange for access via the ramp outside the cathedral shop.

A queuing system will be in place in the North Aisle of the cathedral, marked by signage and tape on the floor. Please do not move forward in the queue until the people in front are at their next marker point.


In line with new government retail rules, it is mandatory for anyone entering the cathedral shop or any other area of the cathedral to wear a face covering. As this is a legal requirement, failure to wear a face covering will result in refused entry. Face coverings will not be provided by the cathedral so please ensure you bring your own.


A maximum of four customers can enter the shop at any one time. This limit applies regardless of whether customers are from the same bubble. The capacity system will be managed by a dedicated steward, who will call you forward when it is safe for you to enter the shop.


Please always adhere to social distancing guidelines with staff and other customers.


Please follow the designated doors in to and out of the shop space. Please follow a clockwise movement around the shop and avoid retracing your steps where possible.


Browsing is, of course, permitted, but customers are respectfully asked to keep the touching of items that are not to be purchased to a minimum.


Wherever possible, please pay by card. The team understand this may not always be possible and a process is in place to deal with cash safely.

A Perspex screen has been installed at the till payment point.


A strict cleaning regime has been implemented in the shop.


We ask anyone who has symptoms associated with Covid-19 or has been around someone who has symptoms associated with Covid-19 not to visit any part of the cathedral until fully recovered and to have observed the appropriate government isolation period. Anyone displaying symptoms will be asked to leave.