11.30 Sunday Eucharist

This Common Worship service lasts just over an hour and re-lives the Last Supper, where Jesus took bread and wine and said they had become his body and his blood. A cantor will sing this service. This service is held in the Nave of the cathedral and culminates in communion.

You can view or download the order of service

Tickets for the Sunday Eucharist can be booked via the Truro Cathedral Eventbrite page.

Please note that due to covid-19 restrictions only 51 tickets are available for this service.  A live-streamed only Sung Eucharist will be available to watch at 10am - visit the What's On page and choose the relevant service to view. Please download the order of service before you attend. 

Today marks the start of Christian Aid Week.  This will be the second year that Christian Aid's fundraising has been badly affected by the pandemic. You can read more about Christian Aid and the work that they do on the Christian Aid Website.  Collection envelopes are available at the West End this morning (or at any time from the Christian Aid representative, David Ivall).  Please return them to David at the end of the service, or next week. 

For full information on the new rules and processes surrounding services and worship in the cathedral, please view or download our current safety rules for worship.

Please download the order of service before you attend.

Truro Cathedral has been significantly financially affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and is finding ways to support its community through activities such as live-streaming and pre-recorded videos to share on its digital channels. If you would like to donate online to support its ongoing work please visit www.justgiving.com/trurocathedral