Cornwall Youth Orchestra in Concert

Join us for an uplifting musical experience as Cornwall Youth Orchestra (CYO) take the stage at the beautiful Truro Cathedral for their annual Easter concert, Emmigrate. 

Enjoy the skilful performances of CYO members as they present a colourful and engaging musical journey through Mexico, Argentina, USA, South Africa, Malaysia, and Australia. Experience the characteristic energy and commitment of outstanding young musicians, and immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of a symphony orchestra with repertoire performed by talented young musicians from across Cornwall.

Why attend?

Cultural Experience: Embrace the rich cultural heritage of Cornwall as CYO perform music from countries where Cornish miners and their families resettled. Let the vibrant melodies transport you to distant lands and cultures.

Community Gathering: Come together with friends and family to appreciate the collective talent of young musicians and singers in a supportive and welcoming atmosphere.

Social Outing: Make it a memorable night out by attending CYO's concert with loved ones and sharing the experience together.

Educational Insight: Gain insight into the dedication and hard work of young musicians and singers as they showcase their skills developed through music education. Experience the professionalism of orchestra director Tim Boulton.

Support Local Talent: By attending CYO's concert, you're supporting the growth and development of young musicians and singers in Cornwall, encouraging them to pursue their passion for music.