Solemn Eucharist for the Feast of Michael and All Angels

On Sunday mornings the Holy Communion service is sung, and to distinguish it from the said, daily service, it is known as the Sung Eucharist, eucharist being a Greek word for ‘thanksgiving.’ Key parts of the service are set to music, again drawing on musical styles over many centuries (nearly 700 years in this case!). The most commonly word used to describe these settings is the word ‘Mass’, so you may find the Choir singing a Palestrina Mass, or one by Schubert or Mozart. Some people have even written settings of the Mass specifically for Truro Cathedral Choir, which shows that this is a continuing tradition. Music is not everything, of course; there is an act of penance, where we say sorry to God for things we have done wrong, Bible readings, and a sermon of about ten minutes. This is usually based on the Gospel reading of the day.

Occasionally, on Festival days like Christmas and Easter, or on Saint’s Days, like St Mary (the patron saint of Truro Cathedral), or our very own St Petroc, some of our services are called ‘solemn’, to mark the significance of the day. The Solemn Eucharist service itself remains similar to the Sung Eucharist service, the only major difference being the use of incense.

The service lasts about seventy-five minutes and is followed by light refreshments. All welcome.