Without the support of our dedicated volunteers at Truro Cathedral we would not be able to do all that we do. Volunteering at Truro Cathedral can involve a huge range of activities - come and be part of our amazing team! Some of our varied volunteer roles are listed below and a more detailed document outlining the roles is available to Download.  If you are thinking of volunteering with us, please email volunteering@trurocathedral.org.uk we would love to hear from you.

Our volunteer roles include:

Bell Ringers

Brass Polishers

Camera Operators

Children’s Church

Communion Assistants


Flower Guild

Lay Assistants

Sewing Guild

 Pastoral Team

Shop team

Hospitality/ Catering Varies,

Office Assistants

Events Stewards

Organ Recital Team

Guides Stewards

Chaplains Sunday

Learning Assistants

Tour Guides


Sunday Coffee team