How to report a safeguarding concern

There are several ways to report a safeguarding concern (see below). The information you pass to us when reporting is kept confidential. However, if we need to do so to keep a child or adult safe, we may share relevant information with statutory agencies, and the Diocese of Truro.

We may electronically store safeguarding reports in a secure database in line with data protection legislation.

In Person

If you are in the cathedral or on its grounds and you or someone you know is at risk of abuse, harm, neglect, or exploitation, please find a member of the clergy or one of the vergers. The vergers are people who work here and are usually in the cathedral.

In the unlikely event of your not being able to find a member of the clergy or a Verger, please approach any member of staff, who will find someone to help you. Similarly, if you witness an event you find worrying whilst in the cathedral, please make a member of our staff aware as soon as possible.

By online form

If you are not in the cathedral, or if you would prefer to communicate your concerns in writing, please complete the online submission form at the bottom of this page.

By email

To email please send to the following address with as much information as possible:

By telephone

During working hours, please phone our Reception on 01872 276782 and say that you would like to speak to someone about a safeguarding concern, or that you or someone else needs help. You will be put through to our Duty Canon, or, another member of Clergy, or our Safeguarding Advisor. If they are not immediately available, someone will call you back.

Outside of working hours, the Christian safeguarding charity, 31:8, runs a free 24hrs helpline. You can contact them on 0303 003 1111. As with any emergency, call 999 if someone is at immediate risk.

Our full Safeguarding Policy can be found here:

Safeguarding policy pdf download

Safeguarding Cause for Concern/Incident Report

If there is immediate danger call the Emergency Services on 999.
Please notify a member of the Cathedral Staff that you have done.
You can do this in any of the ways we state on our website.
This form will help you to remember important information. Fill in as much as you can, and press submit
We will seek to answer your concern within 24 hours

About you (the person reporting)
About the individual(s) involved
About the incident