Lay Vicars

Many cathedrals employ adult professional musicians to sing in their choirs.

For historic reasons, our adult professional singers are known as lay vicars or lay clerks, but they do not have a religious vocation. Vacancies are advertised and recruitment is open.

Our lay vicars all live and work in Cornwall. They sing the alto, tenor, and bass parts in Truro Cathedral Choir and mould their lives and work around its demanding schedule of services, tours, concerts, and recordings. Recent and upcoming projects include performances with BBC National Orchestra of Wales and broadcasts on BBC Radio 3.

Truro Cathedral Choir also has ‘deputy’ lay vicars who stand-in in the absence of regular members.  The director of music, James Anderson-Besant, would be pleased to hear from anyone interested in auditioning for the deputy list.

Contact 01872 276782 or email