What's On

The cathedral is now open. The safety of cathedral staff, volunteers, congregation and visitors is paramount and there are new rules and processes. Please view or download our current safety rules for worship and our current safety rules for general visiting.

Due to numbers, there will now be two Sunday Eucharists held on a Sunday morning for which advanced booking is essential. Advance bookings can only be made one week at a time for the Sunday services taking place in the week the booking is made. The maximum size for your group is 6. Also, for people attending Sunday Eucharist, we encourage people to either print the order of service at home or bring their devices to view it. You can find the order of service on the relevant Eucharist service below.

We thank everyone who plans to visit for familiarising themselves in advance with the new rules and processes and look forward to welcoming you to the cathedral. God be with you and enjoy this sacred space.