Cathedral Choristers

Our choristers are children who sing in the cathedral choir for five years. This unique opportunity is often life-changing, with choristers singing to a professional standard in concerts, services, broadcasts, and tours.

Because of the difference in the development of their voices, the boys are in school years 4 – 8 and the girls are in school years 9 – 13. Usually, either all the boys or all the girls sing with the choir’s 12 adult professional singers, and occasionally the whole choir sings together.

The cathedral holds Chorister Experience Days each winter so that boys in school years 2, 3 and 4 and girls in years 7 and 8 can find out what it would be like to join the choir. It’s an amazing experience but also quite a big commitment.

“I feel so lucky to be able to sing nearly every day.” - Ollie, aged 9

Choristers often sing before and after school, so, to make this easier, they all attend the same one: Truro School.

Children can apply from any school and then transfer. There is an automatic 25% scholarship and additional means-tested assistance so that any talented child can apply to join Truro Cathedral Choir, regardless of their household income. Professional singing tuition, pastoral care, music, robes, transport, and education are all provided.

We want children to make the most of their time in the choir, so we hold open auditions to look for voice, reading skills, musical ear, concentration, and understanding of commitment. We let the children know in advance what to expect, so they can relax and do their best.

During their time in the choir, choristers will sing at hundreds of services and concerts, broadcast on radio and television, record CDs, go on tour, and help raise money for charities, such as UNICEF. This incredible opportunity is not available anywhere else in Cornwall and often has wider benefits.

“What I’ve learned, not just the music stuff, but all the other skills, will help me with whatever I do in my life.” - Jacob, aged 13

Come along to our experience days to find out more.

For more information about how your child can become a Truro Cathedral chorister, please email

Additional information is available on the Truro School website here for boys and here for girls.