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KS1: Truro Cathedral is a special Cornish place
(Curriculum Kernewek CK4RE - Unit 1.8)

What is it that makes Truro Cathedral a distinctively Cornish sacred place? This workshop outline and accompanying resources will introduce you to some of the unique Cornish features of Truro Cathedral. You will explore special areas of the cathedral, learn about St Piran and other Cornish saints, and encounter the High Cross.

Celtic Cross craft activity

KS2: Golden spires - what does it mean for Christians to believe that God is holy and loving?
(Cornwall Agreed Syllabus for RE - Unit 2.1)

The golden spires of Truro Cathedral can be seen for miles around, towering majestically over the city streets and reflecting the evening sunlight. Once you step inside the cathedral the features of this beautiful building immediately grab your attention. None of this is accidental. In this workshop, you will take a guided journey of discovery around the cathedral and learn how different aspects of the sacred features, symbolism and architecture of the building were carefully constructed and designed to communicate Christian beliefs about God.