Prayer samples

A prayer for spring

Your message of hope
to a world tiring of winter’s starkness,
longing for that first crocus
to push through snow’s icy blanket
and spread its leaves,
like arms outstretched,
to its creator.
Our yearly reminder, if we needed one,
that to a world that was dark and cold,
a world devoid of love’s sweet warmth,
you sent your Son
to break through sin’s icy blanket,
and, arms outstretched
on a cross,
he brought us
Thank you

A prayer for Holy Week

May the power of God in these sacred days enable me,
The nakedness of God disarm me,
The beauty of God silence me,
The justice of God give me voice,
The integrity of God hold me,
The desire of God move me,
The fear of God expose me to the truth,
The breath of God give me abundant life.

Prayers (and a poem) for Easter: 

Christ is Risen: The world below lies desolate
Christ is Risen: The spirits of evil are fallen
Christ is Risen: The angels of God are rejoicing
Christ is Risen: The tombs of the dead are empty
Christ is Risen indeed from the dead,
the first of the sleepers,
Glory and power are his forever and ever. St. Hippolytus (AD 190-236)
May the celebration of resurrected life bring new hope to your being.
May the victory over earthly death turn your eyes to the promises of heaven.
May the empty tomb help you to leave your sorrows at the foot of the cross.
So that God's hope, promises and forgiveness reign in your life forever.

Poem for Easter: ‘Not the Empty Tomb’ by R.S. Thomas

Not the empty tomb
but the uninhabited
cross. Look long enough
and you will see the arms
put on leaves. Not a crown
of thorns, but a crown of flowers
haloing it, with a bird singing
as though perched on paradise’s threshold.
We have over-furnished
our faith. Our churches
are as limousines in the procession
towards heaven. But the verities
remain: a de-nuclearised
cross, uncontaminated
by our coinage; the chalice’s
ichor; and one crumb of bread
on the tongue for the bird-like
intelligence to be made tame by.


I stand here with
Few words to express my longing heart,
Helpless thoughts to direct my confused mind,
No energy to turn desire into action.
And yet I can light this candle
So that its light can help me see you in the darkness,
And help me bring before you
My loves, my fears, my worries, my hopes
In one pooling of my desire,
And one flickering of your peace.
As I gaze into its reassuring flame
I see its single luminosity burning a million suns
Its rays of light reaching beyond the stars
And its silent message echoing throughout eternity
For it speaks of you, it is you
And I am me
Standing before your light,
With my longing, my confusion and my tiredness
Absorbed by your loving embrace,
In this light, in this peace, in this now which lasts for ever.