Changes in catering and retail at the cathedral

Catering and retail here at Truro Cathedral are evolving. After a challenging emergence from the pandemic, the shop and restaurant have not been able to operate successfully. For the cathedral to continue to raise the 1.3 million pounds each year to continue its life and work we rely on the contribution of the commercial elements. The changes we’re making give these areas the best chance of success in the current economic climate and will offer something new for all our visitors to experience.

Common Grounds coffee shop currently located in the Old Cathedral School will relocate near the front of the cathedral, in the space formerly used for the cathedral shop. This will offer a café menu of coffee and hot and cold drinks, cakes, and sandwiches.

The shop will be relocated towards the front of the cathedral near its previous position. We’re taking the opportunity to adjust the entrance and exit for our visitors too. This change to the visitor route will see people welcomed into areas that they may not have seen or experienced before.

We’re sad to have lost some members of the team during this restructuring. While we have aimed to minimise the losses within the team there has been one compulsory redundancy and three voluntary redundancies. We’re grateful for the team’s support and perseverance with the changes which are being made, and currently recruiting to fill the remaining roles.

Both areas will reopen soon and we’re looking forward to your visit and feedback.