Assembleth Theatre: Fairytales, Fables & Other Assorted Nonsense

A story of magic, wonder and rebellion. Fairy tales across the land live in fear. Fear for their lives, fear for their freedom and, most importantly, fear for their turnips. Why you ask? Because Little Red Riding Hood has taken control. The once sweet and innocent girl now rules The Fairy Tale Woods with an iron fist and a mob of incompetent wolves. The woods need someone brave, someone bold, and someone daring to free them from this oppression. Unfortunately, they’ve only got Susan. Faced with tax-collecting big bad wolves, radical talking pigs, and smorgasbords of poisoned fruit, Susan must try desperately to find a way to help the forest. If she starts a revolution along the way, well that can’t hurt anyone, can it?

Susan must team up with familiar favourites from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Three Little Pigs, Cinderella and more to keep the literal wolves from the door. Ridiculous mishaps, outlandish love stories and a barnyard full of animals that won’t stop talking await in this riotous, rebellious comedy from Assembleth Theatre.

Suitable for families with children 8+years. This show is perfect for families with late pre-teens and teenagers. Assembleth Theatre has found that children of all ages enjoy the more physical and farcical elements, as well as the storyline.

Fairytales, Fables & Other Assorted Nonsense is supported by Art Council England and Barbican Theatre Plymouth & their young people.

Tickets £10 (Under 3yrs free) (Please book a free ticket for Under 3yrs). Two showings: 11:00 and 14:00.

(PLEASE NOTE due to an error on the ticketing platform some tickets have been charged at £12. The error has now been corrected and all customers who paid £12 will receive a refund of £2 and notified by email).

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Fairytales, Fables & Other Assorted Nonsense trailer

What They’re Saying about Fairytales, Fables & Other Assorted Nonsense...

"Plum Grosvenor-Stevenson and Cal Moffat’s latest madcap offering takes flight with a clever, hilarious and fantastical tale of revolt in fairytale woods." British Theatre Guide

"Silly, zany and chaotic with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, Assembleth Theatre’s new production, Fairytales, Fables and Other Assorted Nonsense is a great way to spend 70 minutes."Radio Exe

"Really cleverly written and brilliantly performed. Quirky, very funny and hugely entertaining." Audience Comment

"Really enjoyed the performance last night, the actors were brilliant and the script was hilarious. I had a really great time!" Audience Comment

"Add a riotous montage, hilarious courtroom scene, shadow puppets, poisoned fruit and the best audience participation I’ve seen and—well I’d happily spend another 70 minutes watching it all over again. Delightful—and heading off on tour. Catch it if you can." British Theatre Guide