Kres - led By Another Way

Kres (Cornish for peace) is a contemporary service hosted by Another Way, making use of music, visual arts, Celtic-inspired chants and liturgies, silence and storytelling. Kres is a space for reflection, mystery and community where everyone is welcome, regardless of background or beliefs. The service runs from 18:00-19:00.

Another Way is a pioneering movement supporting the Church of England Transforming Mission. Led by lay ministers working with Truro Cathedral, Another Way seeks to provide creative spaces for people to think about God, reimagining life and faith for the 21st century. The community began as a house church and now includes prayer meetings, pilgrimages, music jam nights and sports groups. The partnership between Truro Cathedral and Another Way is an opportunity to combine the riches of tradition with the freshness of pioneering - treasures old and new.

Ramp access is available to the side of the cathedral.

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