Silent Disco Yoga

Join OceanFlow on Saturday 27 April at 17:30 for a FLOW YOGA journey like no other - Silent Disco Yoga in the cathedral! Then, following this, at 7pm for a sublime MEDITATION session, both under the roof of the cathedral.

The Yoga Session - 17:30 - 18:45

The Cathedral YOGA session is simply, an unmissable experience. Join fellow yogis and practice mindful vinyasa flow yoga in this awe inspiring location. The lights will be low, the walls drenched in up lighting and, as always, there will be a carefully curated, playlist befitting of such a venue.

The Meditation Session - 19:00 - 19:45

Finish your evening with Stretch leading you through a sublime 45 minute YOGA NIDRA guided meditation. Binaural Beats are played into the headphones to help heighten this deeply relaxing and restorative experience. A must attend experience in its own right or as part of the double event!

Discounted double tickets available during the checkout process. Kids under 12yrs old go half price! Beginners to yoga welcome.

How will it work?

As you enter through the main doors to the Cathedral, (both sets of doors will be in use for entry) you will be asked for the surname you booked under. Once registered you will be given a headset and shown how they work…don’t worry it is very simple…just a volume dial for you to adjust. You can then go on in to the Cathedral and walk around to look for the perfect spot to set up. You will notice mat markers on the floor with which to line up the front centre of your mat.

Ticket Prices

Yoga £22.50 (Kids £11.25)

Meditation £10.00 (Kids £5.00)

Both Sessions £27.50 (Kids £13.75)