Solastalgia Exhibition

Solastalgia Magazine presents its contributing artists from Issue 2 ‘Terrafurie’ at Truro Cathedral 1 - 14 July 2024 curated by Summer Auty.

Solastalgia Magazine is a collection of creatives responding to climate change, celebrating the natural world and exploring eco-grief. The exhibition brings together a group of artists from the UK and Europe, each responding to climate change in their area; united through a shared grief and a love for our planet.

Shining a light on ecological grief, Solastalgia Issue 2 explores how climate change is impacting our mental health. The exhibition hopes to evoke a moment of reflection on where we may be at in our journey through eco-grief; whether we are feeling sad, helpless, angry, confused, hopeful or fluctuating between them all.

This body of work was born from sitting with the questions of what would happen if we stay with our climate grief, would it lead us to a place of acceptance where we can start to reshape our future? Can expression of these complex emotions help each of us progress from a place of destruction and exploitation of the Earth to one of love and symbiosis?

Featuring works by:

Fiona Campbell

Florian Coelo

Ann Diment

John Elliott

Ilya Fisher

Jennie Glas

Bernadette Kiely

Kristen Lindop

Image Credit: Summer Auty