Wildworks | Hello Stranger: Multi Story

"A rich vein of Cornish life"

12 Cornwall based artists will be paired with 12 people who have made Cornwall their home after being displaced from their own far beyond the UK.

Together they will explore that person’s unique humanity by co-creating a small figure set in its own landscape within a framed and lit box. Drawing on the rich and ancient traditions of doll and puppet making around the world, these illuminated portraits gather together to create a touring installation that people can explore, enjoy and discover a rich vein of Cornish life that is sometimes hidden in plain sight.

Multi Story first launches on Saturday 8 June in the North Transept in Truro Cathedral. It will be there on public display until 16 June before touring.

Lead artists: Jude Munden & Penny MacBeth  

For more information on Wildworks, please visit their website.