19 July Covid Restrictions Update

front of the cathedral looking up with Truro Cathedral feather flags

From 19 July, government restrictions are lifted and precautions have become a matter of public choice. The cathedral team are aware that Covid-19 has not disappeared and that cases are rising again.  Mindful of the anxieties from our congregation and visitors and that the cathedral has a responsibility to support public health, we will continue to encourage all our visitors to wear coverings, sanitise hands and register with the Test and Trace system when visiting or worshipping at the cathedral.  We will continue to monitor and evaluate the situation and may change our advice as deemed necessary.  More information below.


We strongly advise that facemasks are worn. 

Hand Sanitise

We advise that you sanitise your hands on entry to the cathedral.

Test and Trace

We encourage all visitors to continue to register with the Test and Trace system using the NHS app with the QR Codes which will remain displayed in the cathedral.  


To try and ensure the safety of all coming to the cathedral, especially for worship the following guidance for worship has been approved by the Cathedral Executive. These guidelines will be reviewed by the Cathedral Executive on Tuesday 31st August.

♦ As with the other services, advanced booking is no longer necessary for the Sunday Eucharist.
♦ Services will still be held at the nave altar in the current position with any choir singing behind.
♦ Seating will still be socially spaced – in ones and twos – and people will be permitted to cluster them according to their social grouping whilst being aware of those around them.
♦ We will have two hymns for the Eucharist and two for Evensong. We strongly advise that people wear face coverings when singing. We realise that this may make singing a little uncomfortable and unnatural.
♦ For holy communion, there will be two stations in front of the nave altar and the existing route to come up for communion will continue
♦ Communion will be received in one kind (the wafer) only.
♦ Those distributing communion will wear a face covering.
♦ For Evensong, the current arrangements will continue.


The cathedral will continue to have a strict cleaning regime.


The restaurant offers plenty of room for social spacing and we would strongly advise wearing a face-covering until you are seated, sanitising hands and registering for Test and Trace on arrival. 


We ask that our shoppers respect the social space of each other whilst in the cathedral shop and advise the wearing of a face covering.