Anniversary of Grenfell

Dean of Truro Cathedral, Roger Bush

With the second anniversary of the terrible tragedy at Grenfell Tower we are once more reminded of the awfulness of that dreadful night and the scars that are left in its wake. At Evensong on 23rd June, the boy choristers will sing the especially composed anthem 'Grenfell From Today' as a tribute to those who lost their lives in the fire, as well as offering support to the survivors as they continue in their efforts to rebuild their lives after their shattering experience.

Cornwall Hugs Grenfell is a wonderful reminder that out of the darkness, hopeful light can shine. However, with each year that passes, those reminders are harder to establish. Although those directly involved will still bear the scars, as the event of the 14th June 2017 recedes into history, its impact will be lessened in the national consciousness. In some respects this is inevitable: life does carry on for most people, and dealing with life and all its challenges is all-consuming.

But to ensure that the memory of Grenfell never fades we need the prompting and the action of charities like Cornwall Hugs Grenfell, which seek to ensure that not only must we never forget the devastation that can be visited on some people, but that real change in the wake of such disasters can take place to ensure that history will never repeat itself in these circumstances. To effect such change, to make our homes safer, wherever they may be, would be the lasting legacy of Grenfell that we all want to seek.

'Grenfell From Today' is included as part of the national Green for Grenfell campaign pack. For more information about #Green4Grenfell Day visit

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