Bright, beautiful... and bugs galore!

Wildlife Garden outside Truro Cathedral on High Cross

Next time you’re visiting Truro, do take a walk along High Cross to see the new Wildlife Garden, kindly created for the cathedral for free by Wild Truro…

With the founding objective to provide for wildlife in urban spaces by using traditional gardening techniques and planting diversity, Wild Truro is a collaboration between Truro City Council and Truro in Bloom, led by Deputy Parks Manager, Liam Shoesmith and Mayor of Truro, Lindsay Southcombe.

The area is quite shady, so it has been planted with shade tolerant pollinators and other plants that encourage insects. There are log piles to encourage frogs, newts, beetles and woodlice and, of course, a bee box which we are hoping will attract some solitary bees.

Speaking about the garden, Liam said, “The whole idea of planting a garden to support wildlife changes how you approach it. Instead of having a display of flowers that, whilst beautiful, may only last a few weeks, you have to plant with the idea of providing a constant food source. That means you ultimately create a perennial garden that has constant interest.”

The cathedral Wildlife Garden is one of seven that have so far been created in and around Truro – and we can’t wait to watch it, and the others, develop. Thank you Wild Truro!

Check out the ‘News’ section of the cathedral website for latest updates.