Carol Service for Pets - A dog's perspective

Two Basset Hound Dogs in Santa Hats

Greetings readers! We are Ozzy and Merlin, two Basset Hounds who, although beautiful dogs, nevertheless fell into reduced circumstances. Unfortunately, our previous owners were unable to look after us and we had to be rescued by the RSPCA. Canon Simon visited the Llys Nini centre in Swansea and we did our best to wag our tails and attract his attention and we were both adopted by him five and two years ago respectively.

We moved to Truro and have settled in nicely. The food and exercise are adequate, although we both feel that ‘treateeze’ and ‘fussums’ are severely rationed and are in short supply. There could be more! We have made many friends with other dogs in the area and run and play energetically when we are allowed off our leads on the beach or in the countryside. We are both healthy and loved and our lives are more than a little tolerable.

Canon Simon works at Truro Cathedral and occasionally he takes us to the Cathedral where we get excited and allow ourselves to be adored and patted! The cathedral is also an amazing building and fills us both with excitement and a sort of stillness.

One December Canon Simon took us to the cathedral to attend a special service. This is extremely unusual as we usually bark or howl along to the organ and singing and he says that we make a complete nuisance of ourselves! But this service was different. All of our doggy friends were there, along with cats and other pets who were being lovingly caressed. Someone even brought along a box of insects - but we kept well away from those just in case they were fleas! During the course of the service Canon Simon was preaching and he invited us out to the front of the cathedral and introduced us to everyone. He then went on to show everyone that because of the special characteristics of the Basset Hound, that our ancestors were surely present in the stable along with the other animals when Jesus was born. At the end of the service all the pets were invited to form a procession and we were taken to the High Altar for a special blessing.

 It was a remarkable service and one that I will never forget. Merlin was obviously determined to be remembered at the Cathedral so he cocked his leg and left his calling card before leaving!

 Canon Simon can’t fool us! We know that something is up – we can see the signs – the decorated tree in the living room, the cards coming through the letter box, the whispers from our owners and the presents being wrapped. We know that these are signs that something important is about to happen – and by that, we don’t mean Christmas – we mean the Annual Pets’ Service at Truro Cathedral which will be held on Saturday 29th December at 2 pm.

Please come along and meet us. You can never have too many friends, you can never have to much ‘fussums’ and you can never have too many blessings!

Merry Christmas everyone!
Ozzy and Merlin.