CEOs inspired by choristers

Last week, 27 Cornish business leaders took a peep behind the scenes of chorister life. Invited by the Lord Lieutenant, Colonel Edward Bolitho, the leaders came from a wide range of sectors, from stockbroking to estate agency, and hospitality to construction, united in their curiosity to discover what it takes to train the 34 choristers in Truro Cathedral’s world-class choir. The event was aimed not only at winning advocates in the business world, but also inviting crucial financial support for the five-year chorister training programme.

The tour began with a ‘fly on the wall’ experience, watching the choristers rehearse in the crypt, before climbing the 102 steps into the upper structures of the cathedral. This area is not open to the public and offers a fantastic view 30 meters above the performance space. After a recital of Handel’s majestic 'Zadok the Priest,’ the group found themselves moving from observer to participant. Coached by director of music, Christopher Gray, they joined in with the ‘Choristers’ Cornish Blessing’, released last month to welcome Archbishop Welby.

Kim Conchie, Deputy Lieutenant and Chief Executive of Cornwall’s Chamber of Commerce, recommended time with the choir as inspirational’  for any work team, saying, “What more inspiring way to raise your teams and your clients’ game? I wish I’d brought all my colleagues. That wouldn’t have been time out of the office, it would have been very productive time and their input tomorrow morning would have been uplifted by this.”

The Lord Lieutenant, Edward Bolitho, who invited the guests, said, “Truro Cathedral Choir is a rich and rare part of the Cornwall’s culture. I hope that the Cornish business community will be happy to play a key role in protecting the pathway to excellence that the chorister-ship offers some of our most musically gifted children.”

Commenting on the enthusiastic responses of business leaders present, director of music, Christopher Gray, said, “Nurturing this excellence for Cornwall is costly, so we are encouraged to feel such support from the local business community. It gives us great confidence in inviting those who care about the heritage and future of the chorister programme to help us secure it for generations of Cornish children to come.”

Jessie Hamshar, Head of Cornwall Partnerships, Exeter University, commented, “What an amazing experience to sing with Cornwall’s phenomenal young voices. Bravo Truro Cathedral Choir for recruiting on the basis of talent, not ability to pay - and for all your work with schools to help every child raise up their voice. Best of luck with growing your partnerships – I’d highly recommend anyone looking for truly unique hospitality and venues get in touch!”

"I have been converted to loving choral music after seeing the Truro Cathedral Choir perform on Monday evening.” said Mike Bee, Director at Big Box Advertising. “It was a fantastic event which was organised with the engagement of the attendees in mind. We are now a supporter of the choir and would encourage any business to experience the magic and passion for themselves.”

Besides acknowledgement packages, higher level business sponsors will have the option of tailored corporate hospitality events designed to give their stakeholders inspirational experiences, such as those enjoyed by the leaders at this event. Truro Cathedral Choir is looking for expressions of interest from a select group of like-minded business sponsors with a commitment to investing in the next generation. Those interested should contact the director of music: