Dean Simon responds to the graffiti on the 'Wall of Kindness' at Truro Cathedral

Here at Truro Cathedral, we aim to be hospitable and welcoming to all. The cathedral strapline ‘Sacred Space, Common Ground’ captures this hope and aspiration. This enables us to offer worship of differing styles, events that appeal to different groups of people and a cathedral where the doors are open, a sacred place for many people and a place of gathering for many people. The Wall of Kindness in the cathedral car park is a way of supporting those who find themselves in need of warm clothing, those who are struggling financially, those who are homeless and anyone in need. Donations of warm and waterproof coats and clothing are left by members of the public for anyone to take. This is a joint project with the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust. A warm and waterproof coat is a small thing for many of us, but for many it is far from a small thing, for many it is lifeline.

On Wednesday 8 November,  we arrived at the cathedral to find graffiti written on the wall of kindness. It is aimed at minority groups, homeless people and the LGBTQI+ community. It is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. It has been reported to the police because it is a Hate Crime.  I recognise that this type of behaviour is usually from a minority of people who often hide behind anonymity.

As the Dean of Truro, as a Christian and as a human, I affirm my intentioned support of the homeless and my intentioned support of the LGBTQI+ community. I do this on a personal and a professional level. I am committed to working to build an inclusive welcome here in Cornwall’s cathedral. The Senior Management Team of Truro Cathedral also affirm their intentioned support of the homeless and their intentioned support of the LGBTQI+ community. We commit to working together with the peoples of Cornwall to build a cohesive and collaborative community for the whole of the Cornish community.

Dean Simon

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If you have a coat that you do not need anymore and would be willing to donate please come down to the cathedral and place it on one of the hooks on the Wall of Kindness located in the cathedral car park.  If you are in need of a coat whatever your circumstances please come and take one.

Note the Wall of Kindness is designed for donation of coats only. For food items please consider donating to Truro Foodbank