Riding to COP26

On Wednesday afternoon 1 September, Euan MacPhee and Roger Creagh-Osbourne set off from Truro Cathedral to cycle to Glasgow ahead of the COP26 meeting scheduled to take place there in November. They carried messages of hope and pleas for climate justice from Christian groups and others to be delivered to the world leaders when they gather. They plan to gather similar messages from each Diocese on their route, making, we pray, a firm statement of concern from people of faith. Please keep Euan and Roger, and others who will join them along the way, in your prayers, both for their safety on the road and for the success of their mission in bringing the needs of the world into the hearts and minds of world leaders.

If you want to follow their progress and add them to your prayers, you can catch up with them on their Facebook page.

Watch an excellent interview with the Environment Officer in Gloucester Diocese where they discuss the importance of responding to climate change and what the Church's responsibility is in this issue: