Choristers being filmed in Truro Cathedral

Truro Cathedral was transformed into a Covid-safe film set this Saturday, as 35 choristers, Sir Tim Rice and a volunteer professional film crew of created seven recorded a short film.  The film will feature Truro Cathedral Choristers singing a brand new song, written especially for them, by choir patron Sir Tim Rice, with music by Peter Hobbs and a special arrangement by Joseph Wicks. The song video’s release in early May will launch an innovative, international engagement programme, Sing2G7, which aims to bring the voices of thousands of children from Cornwall, UK and the rest of the world, to the heart of the G7 Summit through song and to make the Summit relevant to their young lives.  With the G7 Summit coming to Cornwall in June, the event not only provides an exciting opportunity for children to learn about the issues that will be discussed in meeting rooms but also to consider what it is to be a good leader in today’s world. Sing2G7’s aim is to make children’s voices audible to world leaders. Girl chorister, Chloe comments, ‘I think it’s really important for young children to learn that they have a voice and to use it and that if they do, they have the ability to be heard!’ 

 All schools and youth organisations are encouraged to join in! Free sheet music, tutorials and other music resources will be available on the Sing2G7 website.  Free Key Stage 2 education resources around G7 themes and the concept of leadership are being created by Truro School and will be available to download early in the Summer Term, via the Sing2G7 website. Teachers are encouraged to sign up now via the website, to get early notification as soon as the resources are ready to go:


Dean Roger says 'this is a fantastic project attempting to unite young people in song about the really important issues that are confronting the planet and their future. We want this to have as much reach and effect as possible.’

 Director of Music, Christopher Gray, says: ‘The song, Gee Seven, is a real toe-tapper. Music has the power to unite us across oceans and cultures and our boys and girls are so excited to reach out again to their peers all over the world. For teachers, who are thinking about how to engage children in G7, we hope the song provides a fun, musical springboard and that the G7 Education Pack makes their lives a tiny bit easier, as they plan for the Summer term.’

 Sir Tim Rice says, I’ve been an admirer and supporter of Truro Cathedral and its outstanding choir for many years. I was delighted when the choir asked me for a song to mark the first ever G7 conference to be held in Cornwall, which I’ve written with composer Peter Hobbs, entitled,  ‘Gee Seven’. I wanted to write a song that is fun and toe-tapping so that children enjoy singing it. If there is a message, it’s that in the context of history and science, we are very, very small and this is just our moment in time. We’re saying to G7 leaders, you just happen to be our leaders in this moment, so watch it! The final verse says, if you don’t get it right, we’ll run you out of town…and we might. We know the narrow lanes of Cornwall better than you do!’

The Sing2G7 project is led by Truro Cathedral in partnership with Truro School, the Diocese of Truro, Cornwall Music Service Trust, Cornwall Council and in collaboration with Y7, the Youth Summit which precedes and feeds into G7. 

Photo Credit: Luke Brown