The 'Tingle-Factor'

Dean of Truro Cathedral, Roger Bush

We have all had times and occasions when we have been lifted beyond our day-to-day lives and experienced something almost beyond words, an insight into the significance and meaning of life. And I would put that Ben Stokes’ innings in the third Test against Australia in the same bracket as seeing a great painting or the touch of a lover’s hand. The tingling thrill of these experiences is evidence of their ability to break through our limited horizons to vistas beyond. These moments may only be fleeting but they do tell us that there is a reality beyond our day-to-day living.

They also cannot be contrived; we cannot plan them – just add a beautiful view and be transported to the heights. It doesn’t work quite like that. But I do hope that what the cathedral will be hosting on 17th October will have the chance to do this. In partnership with our cathedral choir, the City of London Sinfonia, will be performing what’s called an ‘immersive’ musical experience called The Fruit of Silence. Orchestral and choral music, covering the medieval period to contemporary composers, will be performed without a break, with the performers going to many parts of the building for individual pieces. Some of the cathedral’s seating will be removed to allow the audience to move with them, and cushions will be provided to make that journey comfortable! In this way the audience almost becomes part of the performance.

Why do this? Because the cumulative effect of listening to this diversity in unity could be very powerful indeed, with each piece, different in its own way, part of a greater whole, indicating, as it does, that we are all part of a greater whole, no matter how individual we may be. Therein lies the possibility of a ‘tingle-factor’ moment. This is a unique and special event, part of the orchestra’s pilgrimage tour with nine other cathedrals throughout the country. I would urge you to be part of this, so do please think about attending and being part of this special occasion. Details are available on both the City of London Sinfonia’s and our own website.

Dean Roger

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