Volunteers' Week

Volunteers’ Week celebrates the amazing work volunteers carry out in so many ways, and provides a great opportunity to recognise, celebrate and thank them for the contribution they’ve made to our local communities, the voluntary sector, and society as a whole, and to show our appreciation for the huge difference they continue to make to so many lives. This year Volunteers’ Week started on Monday 3 June and marks a special anniversary, as it is 40 years since it was established back in 1984 by what was then known as Volunteering England.

Almost one in five (16%) people report volunteering in a group, club or organisation at least once a month (about 8.3m people in the UK). More than half of the UK population gets involved in informal volunteering which can include things like going shopping, providing childcare or doing housework for free for someone who is not a relative or a friend. But another benefit gained from volunteering, is that as well as helping others, it has been shown that volunteering improves volunteers' wellbeing, and it can also boost their confidence and help them gain valuable new skills and experiences.                                                                          

Truro Cathedral provides over 120 services, events, and learning activities every month.  We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our volunteers who selflessly give their time and energy to support our community. From welcoming visitors to assisting with events, there is a role to suit everyone's interests and skills. Each volunteer plays a crucial part in the smooth operation and warm atmosphere of the cathedral, contributing to its vibrant spirit and sense of belonging. We deeply appreciate the passion, commitment, and generosity of our volunteers, who are truly the backbone of our cathedral family.

Volunteering at Truro Cathedral offers more than just a chance to contribute; it provides an opportunity to be part of a close-knit community where friendships are forged, and memories are made. The camaraderie among volunteers creates a supportive and enriching environment, fostering a sense of belonging and unity. If you are interested in joining our volunteer team, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Whether you have a passion for history, enjoy meeting new people, or simply want to give back to your community, there is a role suited just for you. Become a part of something meaningful and rewarding by volunteering at Truro Cathedral. If you would like to find out more please email info@trurocathedral.org.uk 

Please note

Truro Cathedral is committed to raising the profile of safeguarding in all aspects of cathedral life, and to ensuring that the cathedral remains a welcoming, safe place for everyone, it adheres to the ‘Safer Recruitment’ protocols. All prospective volunteers will be expected to complete an application form, provide the names and email addresses of two referees, and must also complete safeguarding training up to the level required for their particular role.

Charmian Law
Volunteer Manager