Wolfson Foundation awards major grant for St Mary’s Aisle restoration

Wolfson Foundation logo

The Wolfson Foundation, an independent charity well known for its commitment to excellence in fields such as science, the arts and architectural heritage, has announced that it is awarding the cathedral £150,000 towards the repair and refurbishment of St Mary’s Aisle. The award takes the St Mary’s Aisle Appeal up to £400,000 – 80% of the total sum required to undertake the work.

Interim Dean Simon Robinson said: “We are overwhelmed by this news, and enormously thankful for the generosity of the Wolfson Foundation. We now expect to be able to start on site later this year, to prevent further deterioration and preserve this beautiful building, thanks to the Foundation and all the other supporters of the St Mary’s Aisle Appeal. Once the repairs and refurbishment are completed, St Mary’s Aisle will be a splendid space for worship and for community events.”

Fundraising Lead, Judith Field, agreed: "It’s a huge relief that we are now so close to our fundraising target of £500,000, and we are extremely grateful for every contribution, made so far. Only a further £100,000 is needed to get us over the line – roughly split half and half between what will be needed to complete the external repairs and the amount needed to refurbish the interior.”

If you would like to support the Appeal, please visit www.trurocathedral.org.uk/get-involved/st-mary-s-aisle-appeal   

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