A Concert of Comfort

Headshot of Christopher Gray, Director of Music at Truro Cathedral

Through the season of Lent, the church encourages us to examine our lives as we seek forgiveness for the areas in which we fall short of what God expects. On Good Friday each year, as Lent draws to a close, we remember Jesus’s death on the cross – an innocent man, the son of God, paying the price for our sins so that we can be saved. There is much to reflect on in this period running up to Easter, and over the centuries composers have provided music that challenges and moves us to the core of our being.

 For the cathedral choir’s spring concert on Friday 8 March, there is an involved programme of music from the 16th to the 20th century. As the language and expressive means of music evolved over those four centuries, composers had different technical tools to convey their insights into the far reaches of the human condition. We begin in Italy with one of the most iconic pieces in all choral music, Gregorio Allegri’s Miserere. I haven’t yet decided whether we will have a boy or girl for the five solo top C moments, but we are blessed to have lots of options among our wonderful team of choristers at the moment.

 Around forty days after our concert, Easter will come and we will celebrate Christ rising from the dead with all the pomp and ceremony we can muster. But that celebration has its roots in the protracted reflection of Lent; perhaps it is only through the kind of honesty that comes from frank self-examination that we can arrive at genuine joy and in a better place. The music in our concert is firmly from the Lent end of the journey that culminates in Easter, but it is infused with life-affirming sentiment amid the angst. At the same time as acknowledging our faults and asking God for forgiveness, the composers offer confidence that we are already reassured of that forgiveness, through God’s love. My greatest hope for this concert is that it will leave the audience with a deep, nourishing sense of comfort.

Visit our event page for more information about the up and coming Truro Cathedral Choir Concert.  As a taster, you can listen to a live recording of Truro Cathedral Choir singing Allegri’s ‘Miserere’ - the opening piece of the concert;