Open for Worship

People standing in prayer at Truro Cathedral

(Information update 29 July 2020)

From 3 August to accommodate the increase in visitors, we will be opening other areas of the cathedral in addition to the nave, such as the Retroquire.  You will be advised on any measures for these areas by our welcome stewards on arrival. The one-way system will remain in place.

From 8th August it will be mandatory for face coverings to be worn by those attending all cathedral areas. Please be aware masks are mainly intended to protect other people, not the wearer, from coronavirus COVID-19 and that they are not a replacement for social distancing and regular hand washing.

The toilets are now fully re-opened and are cleaned hourly. Queuing and access to the toilets will be managed by a dedicated steward. Toilets can be used by one person at a time (unless that person must be accompanied by a carer). The main entrance doors to the toilets will remain propped open at all times. Liquid hand soap and paper towels will be available for use. Please note the urinals and not all stalls will be open.

(Information update 15 July 2020)

Please note that the Sunday service times have been updated to accommodate a second Eucharist on a Sunday morning. Advance booking is now required for the Sunday Eucharists, please visit the What's On page and click on the selected Sunday Eucharist service to book your place.  General visiting times on a Sunday are now 1pm-3pm.

The cathedral is pleased to offer a programme of worship from Sunday 5 July. The safety of cathedral staff, volunteers, congregation and visitors is paramount and there are a number of new rules and processes details of which are outlined below. Truro Cathedral Choir is currently still unable to sing at any of the services. It is currently unclear whether singing is a cause of transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Until the scientific evidence indicates otherwise and permission is given, regrettably services will not contain congregational hymns or choral music. Due to social distancing measures, only 51 people will be allowed into the cathedral at any one time. The cathedral will continue to publish a recorded Sunday Eucharist each week on the website and social media along with spiritual reflections.

All services that are to be held in the nave can only offer seating for 30, an additional 21 are welcome to attend but must stand. The other areas where services will be held have the following seat capacity: Choir Stalls 18, St Samsons 5, St Marys Aisle 12.  There will be no additional standing room in these areas.

All visitors may be asked to provide their name and phone number to assist with the government’s 'Track and Trace' initiative. This information if taken is kept purely for 'Track and Trace' purposes only and your details will be held securely for the minimum government requirement of 21 days before being safely destroyed. Please consider the extra time this may take when planning to attend a service.

For general guidance on visiting the cathedral please also check the news page.

We thank everyone who plans to attend worship at the cathedral for familiarising themselves in advance with the new rules and processes and look forward to welcoming you.

General Worship Information

Visiting and Service Times


Please note that opening times for visiting only is 1-3pm.

8.00am: BCP Holy Communion.  Will take place in the High Altar (Choir Stalls)

9.00am: Morning Prayer. Will take place at St Samson's Chapel.

10.00am: Sunday Eucharist (please note that morning coffee will NOT be held after this service). Will take place in the Nave. Advanced booking required

11.30am: 2nd Sunday Eucharist (please note that morning coffee will NOT be held after this service).  Will take place in the Nave. Advanced booking required

3.00pm: BCP Evening Prayer, after which the cathedral will close.  Will take place at St Mary's Aisle.

(Please note that all services held in the Nave have 30 seats available)

Monday - Saturday

Please note that opening times for visiting only remains at 10-3pm.

9.00am: Holy Communion. Will take place in the Nave.

9.30am: Morning Prayer. Will take place in the Nave.

3.00pm: Evening Prayer, after which the cathedral will close. Will take place in the Nave.

(Please note that all services held in the Nave have 30 seats available with further room for 21 standing)

Hand Sanitisation

Hand sanitiser will be provided on entry to the cathedral (in the Narthex). All entering the cathedral will be required to apply hand sanitiser to ensure appropriate hygiene.

One-Way System

The current one-way system will remain in place (see news piece) and you will be advised on entry by the volunteer stewards where the service will be taking place and the 'flow-system' of entry and exit in the worship area. All stewards will be observing strict social distancing and wearing facemasks.

Social Distancing

The current advice is that a 2m distance is necessary in places of worship, please adhere to this guidance during your visit.


Plastic chairs will be used where possible. All seating will be arranged in order for worshippers to be 2m apart.  If you are from the same household and you wish to sit together please inform the steward and they will organise moving the seats together where appropriate.


In addition to the strict cleaning regime currently in place for the cathedral, there will be new cleaning processes introduced for all worship related activities e.g. altar areas, vestments etc after each service.

Prayer Books

It is recommended that for the weekly morning and evening prayer services that you bring a mobile device such as phone or tablet using the Church of England Website or alternatively you may print this out from your home computer and bring this with you.  No prayer books will be available for these services.

Please bring your own prayer books if you are attending the BCP services (Sundays at 8am Holy Communion and 3pm Evening Prayer); if you require a prayer book for these services they will be kept in a safe place for 72 hours before and after the service.

Order of Service for 10:00 and 11:30 Sunday Eucharist

The order of service for the 10:00 and 11:30 Sunday Eucharist will be made available online on the cathedral website each week on the Thursday prior to the Sunday Service. To find this visit the What's On section and click on the relevant Eucharist service. Similar to daily prayer it is recommended and encouraged that you download and print your own copy of this or bring your mobile device with you to view. It is appreciated that not everyone may have access to a device or a computer and so printed copies will be made available for service attendees to take (they will not be handed out). If a printed copy is used please take this home with you after the service.


There will not be an offertory collection. If you wish to donate it is recommended for safety that you use the contactless donation station on exit near the Jesus Chapel.  If you attend regularly and wish to donate perhaps you could consider setting up a Standing Order for which you can download the form here and send this to us or set up a standing order or bank transfer using the following details:

A/C Name: Truro Cathedral
Sort Code:   20-87-94
A/C No: 40326976


For visitors who require ramp access please go to the West Doors where a steward will arrange for access via the ramp outside the cathedral shop. Holy Communion can be taken to anyone wishing to receive it that is unable to participate in the standard way - please make this known to a cathedral steward prior to the service starting.

Holy Communion Services

All who usually receive Holy Communion are warmly invited to do so during communion services. If you would prefer to receive a blessing, please bow your head as a signal to the minister. 

Gloves will be used to fill the ciborium before the service starts

All the wafers for communion will be in a covered pot (the ciborium)

The priest will consecrate the host with the lid on the ciborium

Only the priest will receive both bread and wine

The congregation will receive the wafer only

Congregants will queue to receive Holy Communion at 2m distance from each other. Markers will be placed on the floor to aid queueing at this distance. Those queuing to receive communion will be asked to hand sanitise whilst waiting.

Altar rails will not available and communion will be received by congregants standing

The priest will hand sanitise and wear a mask when distributing Holy Communion which will be dropped in the communicant's open palm