Cathedral Opening 15 June 2020

Schematic of cathedral floor

Information update 28 October

For the latest guidance please view or download our current safety rules for worship and current safety rules for visiting.

(Information update 29 July)

From 3 August to accommodate the increase in visitors, we will be opening other areas of the cathedral in addition to the nave, such as the Retroquire.  You will be advised on any measures for these areas by our welcome stewards on arrival. The one-way system will remain in place.

From 8th August it will be mandatory for face coverings to be worn in all cathedral areas. Please be aware masks are mainly intended to protect other people, not the wearer, from coronavirus COVID-19 and that they are not a replacement for social distancing and regular hand washing.

The toilets are fully re-opened and are cleaned hourly. Queuing and access to the toilets will be managed by a dedicated steward. Toilets can be used by one person at a time (unless that person must be accompanied by a carer). The main entrance doors to the toilets will remain propped open at all times. Liquid hand soap and paper towels will be available for use. Please note the urinals and not all stalls will be open.

(Information update 17 July)

The shop and restaurant will be open from 20 July.  Please visit the news section of the website to see the visitor information and safety measure put in place for the shop and restaurant.  Due to numbers, a second Sunday Eucharist will now be held and advanced booking is required.  To book please visit the Whats On section and click on the relevant Eucharist to book.

(Information update Thursday 3 July)

The cathedral is pleased to offer a programme of worship from Sunday 5 July. The safety of cathedral staff, volunteers, congregation and visitors is paramount and there are a number of new rules and processes in addition to the information on this page. Details of these along with service times can be found on the news page. Please note due to number limits and to accommodate worship Sunday's general visiting times have changed to 13:00-15:00. All visitors may be asked to provide their name and phone number to assist with the government’s Track and Trace initiative. The capacity is now 51 people in the cathedral (excluding cathedral team) We thank everyone who plans to attend worship for familiarising themselves in advance with the additional new rules and processes and look forward to welcoming you to worship in the cathedral.

15 June 2020

Chapter are pleased to be reopening the cathedral doors on 15 June and look forward to welcoming you to visit for contemplation and quiet prayer. 

Please note that all public services and events cannot take place at this time, however, the clergy will continue to video record spiritual reflections and the Sunday Eucharist each week to share on our digital channels, some of which will be pre-recorded in the cathedral outside of opening hours. Please also note that the cathedral bells will remain silent as it is not possible for these to be rung and to comply with social distancing, although the cathedral clock is now chiming. The restaurant and shop will remain closed at this time. 

The protection of staff, volunteers and visitors is our paramount concern. To uphold all the safety measures required to enable reopening, some significant changes have been introduced and you can read more about these changes, below. We welcome all to Truro Cathedral and ask visitors to ‘Respect-Protect-Enjoy’: Respect the rules and guidance; Protect yourself and each other; Enjoy your visit with us. 

We ask anyone who has symptoms associated with Covid-19 or has been around someone who has symptoms associated with Covid-19 not to visit the cathedral until fully recovered and to have observed the appropriate government isolation period. 

Details of what to expect when you visit:

Current Opening Times

The revised opening times are 10:00-15:00 every day (Mon-Sat) and 13:00-1500 (Sun). Only the Nave will be accessible.

Entry and Exit

Entry and exit from the cathedral will be limited to the main cathedral doors on High Cross. All other cathedral entrances will remain closed (emergency exits remain available).  To ensure safe social distancing there will be a clearly marked waiting area outside the cathedral on High Cross as entry and exit from the building is managed.

Hand Sanitising

Hand sanitiser will be provided on entry to the cathedral (in the Narthex). All entering the cathedral will be required to apply hand sanitiser to ensure appropriate hygiene.

Welcome Stewards

There will be a steward to welcome you upon arrival and provide you with guidance on your visit to Truro Cathedral. Stewards will also be located at key points around the cathedral. All will be observing strict social distancing and wearing facemasks.

One-Way System

There will be a marked one-way system around the cathedral. Please be advised that only the nave area of the cathedral will be open – no access to any other area of the cathedral is currently permitted. (demonstrated on the diagram)

Social Distancing

Please adhere to social distancing guidance when moving around the cathedral at all times.


A member of the clergy will be available on the cathedral floor during opening hours. Should you wish to speak to the clergy member, please let one of the cathedral stewards know and they will provide further instruction. 

Pricket Stands and Prayer Requests

Pricket stands are to be staffed by a volunteer who will facilitate candle lighting. Prayer requests can be given to the Chaplain on duty who will ensure the prayers are read at that day's evening prayer.


The toilets are fully re-opened and are cleaned hourly. Queuing and access to the toilets will be managed by a dedicated steward. Toilets can be used by one person at a time (unless that person must be accompanied by a carer). The main entrance doors to the toilets will remain propped open at all times. Liquid hand soap and paper towels will be available for use. Please note the urinals and not all stalls will be open.


The cathedral will be undertaking a strict daily cleaning regime.

Leaflets and Information

Please note that all literature has currently been moved from the cathedral but relevant information will be available on the notice boards located near the Jesus Chapel.


The economic impact of this crisis will be long-lasting for everyone including the cathedral.  We are doing everything we can to open the cathedral as safely as possible and continue to support our community.  We are a self-funded organisation and any donations will be gratefully received.  We would recommend that you use the contactless donation station near to the Jesus Chapel near to where you exit the cathedral.

Cathedral staff and volunteers

Our staff and volunteer welfare are extremely important to us and we are working to detailed policies and guidelines across the cathedral floor and offices to ensure safety for social distance and providing extra support such as PPE when appropriate. Staff are working from home where possible and working patterns have been adjusted to ensure the team remains as protected as possible.

Disabled Access

Ramps will be available to enter from High Cross. Visitors can exit either by ramped access out of the West Doors or out via the ramp to the shop entrance.

Stay up-to-date

You will always find the latest cathedral updates and news on the cathedral website and social media channels. You can also sign-up to receive email updates by entering your email address at the bottom of any page of the website.

For those of you planning to visit us, thank you in advance for helping us to uphold the measures in place and we look forward to once again welcoming you in the cathedral. God be with you and enjoy this sacred space.

Supporting Truro Cathedral...

The cathedral team is working hard to reopen for prayer and contemplation and to provide pastoral, spiritual and practical support to its communities.The cathedral is a self-funded organisation and relies on public donations to continue its life and work. To shield itself as much as possible from the negative financial impact of the crisis, the cathedral team is finding solutions to help protect it in the long-term, such as working with various existing and emergency grant-making bodies. We would be grateful for any donation either during your visit to the cathedral or online via our Just Giving page.  Thank you.