Returning to Cornwall

Alexandra Wood from City of London Sinfornia playing violin with other violinists in the background

I am very excited about our City of London Sinfonia (CLS) visit to Truro! It was in the Hall for Cornwall that I actually first performed a concerto with CLS, many years ago, so it feels quite special to be going back with them. We also used to holiday in Cornwall when I was younger. Because we couldn’t all fit in our car (plus cases, beach paraphernalia, dogs etc!) my mum, sister and I would take the train. It felt like such an adventure, and I still feel that childish excitement when we cross the river Tamar.

Truro Cathedral is such a beautiful building. You can really sense the echoes of all the people who have worshipped, prayed, enjoyed the stillness, or listened to wonderful music in the space. These concerts are all about bringing the architecture into the experience- which is why the audience is free to roam. We want it to be  “holistic”: an evening which allows us time and room to think, perhaps to appreciate, maybe to be inspired, or to let our thoughts just drift. And this wandering aspect creates such a unique atmosphere- for the audience and performers alike. We play differently because we can feel the sense of freedom.

We will also be working with the cathedral choirs on our little tour. It is hard not to be swept along by the enthusiasm and joy for music making when you play with a fabulous choir like Truro Cathedral Choir. Our musicians have the greatest of respect for the hard work and dedication necessary to sing regular services, (and practices), and it is nice to feel a part of that for a little snippet of the evening!

Alexandra Wood, CLS Creative Director and Leader

You can find out more about the City of London Sinfonia and Truro Cathedral Choir's 17 October concert Fruit of Silence on our What's On page.