The big cathedral survey

Close up image of someones hand holding a pen and filling out a survey

Whether you’re a first time or regular visitor, or someone that has never set foot inside the building, the cathedral needs your help! Over coming months, the cathedral will undertake a piece of research to develop its understanding of current and potential cathedral visitors and audiences. It is important to find out what you really think of the cathedral, from why you do/don’t visit, to what you think of the range of services, events and activities on offer, and everything in between! The research is being undertaken by Tricolor, an independent heritage development company, thanks to funding the cathedral received earlier this year from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. “The aim of the research is to identify ways to make the cathedral more resilient and sustainable for the future,” explained Dean Roger. “It is only by understanding the current position that potential opportunities to develop in the future can be identified. So, I extend sincere thanks to all those able to take five minutes to help and take part, whether by face-to-face or online survey, for doing so.”

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