Our knowledgeable volunteer guides offer tours for you to learn some of the fascinating history of Truro Cathedral, and it is often the best way to appreciate the building and all the treasures that it holds. As well as our in-person tours, you can also visit our virtual tour.


Regular Tours run during the spring and summer months from Monday-Thursday and start at 11:00. The regular tours in 2024 will run from April until October.

You won’t need to book Regular Tours and there is no charge, but if you wish to give a donation at the end of your tour, it will be gratefully received.  

There are no Regular tours on bank holidays, and occasionally they cannot take place owing to other events happening in the cathedral. Check the What's On page to see if there are any events like this and if you're unsure, feel free to email our offices:


We also offer Booked tours for private parties at different times, but these must be booked in advance. There are additional packages such as ‘Treasures Tours’ and ‘Stained Glass Tours’ which can be added to your Booked tour, with their own additional costs. For more information please contact

If your tour has made you want to know more about Truro Cathedral, a guidebook can be purchased for £4.00 from the Shop, and more detailed books are also available to purchase.