Truro Catheral. The Legal Service 2021

One of the consequences of lockdown has been the disruption of our liturgical calendar, and one of the casualties of this has been the annual legal service, where we celebrate the High Sheriff’s year in office, and give thanks for all involved in the legal profession. Although unable to hold a physical service in the cathedral, we have been able to produce a forty-minute video where we have not only been able to thank Kate Holborow, this year’s High Sheriff, for her dedication and commitment whilst in office, but also to raise the profile of those causes and concerns that are cherished by her, particularly the young talent that pours out of Cornwall. It is a thrill and a privilege to be involved in producing this virtual service, and shows what can be done, even in adverse circumstances. It also reveals that, after a year of Covid, the gifts, talents and creativity of our young people give us much cause for hope as we face the future, with a degree of uncertainty, perhaps, but also with a hugely positive attitude, because we know that such energy cannot be subdued for long. It is good to have a window, via our computer screens, into the aspirations of our young people. This is what the legal service is all about: appreciating all those in the legal profession who serve our country in such a way, and also highlighting the enormous scope and creative energy that emanates from the young.

Thank you, Kate. Your breadth of vision has enabled all of us seeing this video to capture the wave of better times to come. I hope you all take great value from watching this year’s online legal service.

 Roger Bush, Dean of Truro.